• New 320-Bed, 428,000 SF Psychiatric Hospital

• Largest non-road, state-funded building project in the Commonwealth’s history.

• 260-Bed Adult Hospital; 30-Bed Adolescent Inpatient Facility; 30-Bed Adolescent Intensive Residential Treatment Beds.

• Building plan reflects the various stages of recovery by using familiar environments such as “house”, “neighborhood” and “downtown”.

• The “downtown” area surrounds around a central “village green” that is shared by entire facility.

• Each living unit has a secure outdoor area with a basketball court and seating for patient’s use as well as common space inside laid out like a living-room including TV’s, couches and other seating arrangements.

• Each patient has a private room that enhances the staff’s ability to provide individualized care.

• LEED Gold.